Our Digital Solutions

  • We offer tailor-made digital solutions for each Client.
  • We prioritize customization your Projects.
  • We cover all levels of layers in your Digital Business.

Succeed together your digital transformation

Blue Fish is a digital business enterprise on a mission to help local businesses address the challenges that they face online and in the marketplace. Whether you are a startup or an established business in need of a digital makeover, our marketing and business technology experts provide a full range of digital solutions to help you achieve your business goals.

Mobile & Web Application

  • We design Showcase websites,  E-Commerce sites , Portal Sites and Mobile Applications that make it easy for users to quickly find exactly what they are looking for when they arrive at your site.
  • BLUE FISH provides modern website design, website development ,website maintenance solutions and support.

Application Services

  • The applications software services segment includes back-office, ERP and Supply Chain Management (SCM) software services, as well as collaborative and personal software services.
  • It also covers engineering software and front-office CRM software services.

Infrastructure 2.0

  • Generalization of the Cloud, Cybersecurity, Data Migration, Next Generation of Datacenter, Software as a Service, increasingly sophisticated and mature users.
  • The digital revolution is radically changing the management of IT infrastructures
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

From IT to the Business, towards a Transformation of BI.

  • Business Intelligence has become a key cog in the business’s operations.
  • It’s no longer ignores the issues raised by the uses of the web and social networks.
  • Collaborative work with the right technologies is becoming a reality in many companies. The challenge of BI tools is therefore to place the circulation of useful data at the heart of the business.

Big Data

Engage the customers at the right moment with the right message is the biggest issue for marketers. Big data helps the marketers to create targeted and personalized campaigns.

Business Analytics

So many optimization techniques that create an alchemy and increase its visibility on Social Networks and on Search Engines, Google in the lead.

  • Active research on the words and expressions on which to position oneself (semantic research)
  • In-depth work on web design and content the identification of social networks and other media
  • In which to base its strategy and of course, the programming and planning of all this , as well as the monitoring of the SMO campaign